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Ethiopia | Harsu Haro

Ethiopia | Harsu Haro


Origin: Ethiopia

Producer: Small farmers

Zone: Guji

Woreda: Uraga

Variety: Ethiopian Landraces

Altitude: 2000 - 2200 Meters

Process: Washed

In the Cup: Clementine, Peach & Jasmine

12 oz. (whole bean)


Nothing quite excites us more than the first Ethiopian coffee arrival of the year. We sourced this coffee from our friends at Red Fox Coffee Merchants and we couldn't be happier with how exceptional the quality is this year. The dedication to quality that the producers and the Harsu Haro washing station becomes so transparent  as soon as you take the first sip.

The Bire forest is located in northeast Uraga and is a newer producing area where the coffee trees are very young, only four to six years old. High up in the mountains at 2300 MSL lies the Harsu Haro washing station, producing a coffee that offers the dense sweetness of raspberry and currants and the ripe, balanced acidity of clementine and yellow peach. 

From our house to yours, we hope you enjoy every sip!


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