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Colombia | Decaf

Colombia | Decaf


Origin: Colombia

Producer: Smallholder farmers

Region: Cundinamarca

Variety: Castillo, Colombia, & Caturra

Altitude: 1750 Meters

Process: Sugarcane Decaffeinated

In the Cup: Milk Chocolate, Dried Fruit

12 oz. (whole bean)


We love coffee for so many reasons, especially that it puts a little extra pep-in-your-step, but sometimes it's good to wind down a little. We know for many that's hard to do with the good stuff pumping through your veins, so we would like to introduce all the quality and the flavor of our regular coffees, but in a caffeine free edition. It is hard to tell this coffee is even a decaf, with notes of dried fruit sugars and sweet milk chocolate. We roast this coffee a bit longer than many of our other roasts in order to bring out heavier chocolate tones, while maintaining a balanced acidity and sweetness. 

From our house to yours, we hope you enjoy every sip!


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